RRF Tropical Floor Substrate 8 Qts / 2 Gallon

2 Gallons of Jungle Floor Substrate for Reptile & Insect Tanks & Terrariums
RRF Tropical Floor Substrate Mix
Tropical Floor Substrate resists breakdown more than other substrates, holds more moisture and is composed of a rich mix of sustainable coco chips, organic sphagnum moss, organic sphagnum peat, vermiculite and a variety of leaves that break down slowly and mimic a Forest Floor or a Tropical jungle Floor that retains humidity.

THIS SUBSTRATE MIX STAYS MOIST and resists breakdown and supplies additional nutrients for microfauna.  

Buy 8 Quarts/2 Gallon RRF Soil Substrate Mix for Insect Cultures, Reptiles & Amphibians at Insects By Ready Reptile Feeders


Insects By Ready Reptile Feeders RRF  Jungle Floor Substrate
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