A Superior Blend Of Live Beneficial Soil Microbes, Fungi & Trace Minerals Minerals With Temperate Springtails & Dwarf White Isopods To Work Better At Cleaning Waste Material So You Don't Have To

Superior Blend Of More Soil Microbes, Fungi, Trace Minerals, Springtails & Isopods To Complete Job of Breaking Down All Organic Waste Material

Live Bugz 8 Oz With Temperate Springtails & Isopods. - A Superior Blend Of More Beneficial,  Soil Microbes, Fungi, Trace Minerals & Aerobic Bacteria 

Live Microflora & Microfauna that will assist in the breakdown of all organic material and waste products in your Bioactive Setups.  In the process a Perfect Fertilizer is formed which makes it perfect for your vivariums & terrariums.  Organic & 100% Safe for all pets including Dart Frogs, Lizards, & Dragons to all Reptiles & Amphibians With Temperate Springtails & Dwarf White Isopods To Complete the Work of Waste Eating So You Clean Your Enclosures Less!

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