All You Need Pet Madagascar Hisser Cockroach Bioactive Habitat

Culture Pet Madagascar Hisser Cockroaches for School Projects In This Clear Locking Lid Roach Culturing Kit By RRF
This is The ALL You Need Pet Madagascar Cockroach Bioactive Habitat From Insects By Ready Reptile Feeders

The habitat is perfect for Pet Madagascar Hisser Cockroaches or School Science Projects

The Clear habitat Container has a locking lid that will keep in humidity and kee out pests.

All You Need Pet Cockroach Habitat Includes

* 1.5 Gallon  Clear Container With Locking Lid 
* 2 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches 

* Substrate for Burrowing
* Moss Ground Cover
* Hollow Wood Bark Log
* 16 oz Spray Bottle (to mist habitat
* Water Dechlorinator (remove impurities)
* 1/4 Pound Premium Roach Food
* Sample Bug Brownie By RRF ™ Superior Comfort Food & Super Nutritious Loading Treat For Insects
* Food Dish
* Water Dish
* 6 Oz of Green Life  Water Crystal Gel for Watering Hissers

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